As an advertising major, technology is undeniably a major part of my life. As a kid of the 90’s.. it’s in my DNA, especially when it comes to social media. As a result, I guess I’m a bit biased towards the benefits of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. However, that’s not to say that they don’t have their faults.

The question of our generation: Is technology beneficial or a harmful? The argument could easily be made for either side. I mean lives have been saved due to the advancement of technology and that’s certainly an improvement in our society no? It is much easier to get in contact with people, educate yourself and express yourself with ever expanding internet. It has definitely worked in my benefit multiple times. In fact, two of my internships were landed solely through social media. I learned of a possible job opportunity through my ad club. Strangely enough, the girl who told informed me about it told me to tweet at the person I wanted to interview with. At first, I really didn’t think anything would come of it, but I figured I had nothing to lose. So I tweeted. Within 15 minutes I had a response, a person to email and a few more followers. By the next day I had a job. Following that internship, I landed another one through Twitter yet again. In addition to jobs, a good portion of my generation gets their news through social media. I mean it’s actually scary to see how far and how fast technology has developed in just my mere 21 years of existence. For example, I just recently saw this video: 3D PRINTER and was blown away. I mean I can’t even imagine breaking a part of my desk and just printing something to replace it within minutes. And yet, this is definitely happening in our future.

However, I fluctuate between not being able to live without my technology, to wanting to throw out every laptop, cell phone etc. that I own. Cell phones and technology in general have become ingrained in our lives to an almost scary extent. It is crazy to see that people can communicate behind the screen of cell phone or laptop, but fail to do so in person. Although I definitely fall victim to walking and texting but walking around campus see this…Untitled… sometimes gives me a serious reality check. Texting and driving accidents have gone way up. There are so many scams and horrible things happening due to the existence of the internet (Craigslist killer anyone?). People rely on technology so much that there is even a phobia of being out of contact with someone via mobile phone – nomophobia. I mean seriously?! In a recent British studied, out of 1,000 people surveyed 66% of people were afraid of losing or being separated from their phones. [Click to read more] People go so far as being willing to give up brushing their teeth for a week in order to have their precious iPhone. What does this really say about our society?

When the great minds of the past envisioned the future, I wonder if they imagined we would be this far or that we would be even further? Would they be disappointed with what our society has become or proud at the advancements we’ve made? Does every generation feel that things have changed so rapidly or are we becoming a insanely fast paced driven society? Or perhaps it’s always been like this and I was too naive to realize it. I am all for technology improving, as long as humanity and nature always come first. Take a look around every once and while, breathe in fresh air, appreciate the simplicities of life and maybe turn off the phone every once in awhile. Contrary to popular belief – it won’t actually kill you.

Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards – Aldous Huxley 


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